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Modern Bookcases

We've been struggling with the decision whether to buy an iPad or not.  We are late adopter, or maybe even no adopter, type when it comes to technology.  There is something about holding a book and flipping the pages that is really satisfying to us. 

That is, until you want to carry ten books with you when you travel.  And most of them are hardbacks. Times like that make us wonder if printed books are going the way of CDs, you know. Like, who buys CD anymore?

But as we were driving down the Melrose Design district the other day, this gorgeous bookcase from the Poliform showroom almost caused us to crash the car.  It is STUNNING!  It's huge and it's perfect if you have a loft with very tall ceiling.

We don't have the pricing information for this item, sorry.  Poliform is very high-end and upscale, so it is probably really expensive.  But, if you have a really good carpenter, it's probably really easy to build!  And, wouldn't it be great as a room divider too? Just make sure your carpenter anchor it properly.

You see, there is always a place for books! Ipad or no Ipad.

To see more bookcases from Poliform, click here.

Five Ways to Make Your House Younger

Did you see "Hot In Cleveland" last week?  We didn't either, mainly because we don't even know how to find TV Land on our TV.  If you miss it, you can see the full episode here.

Anyway, the reason we mention it is because reading a LA Times review on the show we saw one funny line-- "To think we spent all that time and effort and money trying to look 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter," says Malick, a recently unemployed soap star now being offered grandma roles, "and all we had to do was crash-land in Cleveland."

You'll have to be at that age to know what we are talking about!  You know, the age where we look at younger women more than our husbands do?  The age that we keep saying to ourselves, man, if I can only have my old body back with my current brain? 
Which leads us to this point, do you know your house can look 10 years younger too?  Most people don't realize this, but the way we decorate our house is very much like the way we dress, it literally can add or subtract a few years.

Here are five ways you can instantly update your home:

1) Use fresh and happy colors via use of wallpapers, paints and fabrics.

Wallpapers are so in now.  We love, love it.  Not as much to wallpaper every room like they did in the sixties, but by wallpapering just one wall or a small bathroom or dining room, you can instantly freshen things up.


2) Get rid of things that are outdated.

You know how mom's jean just add 10 years to your age and 10 lbs to your butt?  Outdated things like ivy silk plants, sofa arm covers, oak furniture, shabby chic sofas (so 80s!) are the equivalent of mom's jeans. Worse yet, it screams "grandma"!

3) Update your furniture

Furniture is like fashion.  It changes with time.   You probably notice that furniture are not as heavy as they use to be.  The heavy, ornate look for furniture (think Real Housewives of Orange County/New Jersey/Atlanta) are as out as McMansions.  Rather, look for furniture that are modern and clean-lined with fresh designs.  If you have upholtery pieces with good bones (say, a very comfortable sofa), consider re-upholstering it with new fabrics.  The fabric choices nowadays are amazing. 

4) Get small little things that count.

Sometimes things are so tough that shopping is not an option (2008-2009, anyone?). But you know how sometimes a little thing can make us feel much better, say, a tube of pretty lipstick? It's like that for the home too.  We spend so much time in our home, it's ok to treat yourself a little bit.  Little things like dressing your bed with really good sheets, make your bathroom like a spa etc.  goes a long way.  You see this with a good hotel--it's the little details that make all the difference.

So consider buying a new rug, a couple of pretty pillows--it doesn't have to be expensive.  Homegoods is a good store for bargains like this.  Buy lots of books secondhand.  They make you look smart (and  great accessories too).

Note:  A good source for hotel things is American Hotel Registry.  They sell actual hotel sheets, pillows and mattresses and from what we can see, the prices are pretty good and that you can buy directly from them.  (We are not affiliated with this site in anyway)

5) Go contrarian. 

The problem with trend is that after a while everything looks the same.  Remember how Juicy Couture was all the rage just a couple of years back?  What happened now to those velour tracksuits?

Home trends are like that too.  After a while everyone's house look the same.  Enough with the granite counter already.  Enough with one paint color for each room.  And please, do we need 10,000 square feet home?

The best styles are the ones that buck against the trend, stay true to the classic, and retain its integrity.

Go with your personality and your style, unless, of course, you have no style (in that case, consider hiring help).

Just remember that simpler is better, and less is more.

Masculine Furnishings for Men

Men usually don't have that much say in the decorating of your home, do they?  We think because if we leave it up to them all they will buy is big screen TVs and Lazy Boy chairs.   Say what you will about stereotype.  It exists because it's usually true.

So consider this a "Straight Women for Straight Guys" intervention. Furnishings can be very masculine and stylish at the same time.  Here are some of our favorite furniture lines that have that combination:

Thomas O'Brien for Hickory Chair:
This line is what we would describe as modern American classic. Very clean-lined. Solid, neutral colors. A little bit pricey, but it's the kind of furniture that won't go out of style for a long time.

Michael Weiss for Vanguard Furniture

This is another one of our favorite collection. Manly, but not overly so. There are some soft touches in the details that we like.  Less expensive than Thomas O'Brien, and the quality is just as nice.

Brownstone Furniture:

If you are looking for an affordable line with coordinating and matching items, Brownstone is a good choice. Very inexpensive. They just added a new upholstery collection, which is really nice.  We like the upholstery collection a lot more than the casegoods (industry term for wood pieces).

Bolier Furniture

If your man likes really, really simple, clean-lined things he'll like this line.  Pricey (more on the wood pieces than upholstery-the upholstery products are a bit more reasonable).  It could be a little severe (because it's all straight lines and geometric and muted colors).

As always, warm up these rooms with accessories--such as rugs, artwork, fresh flowers, books etc. We can't emphasize enough what a huge difference this would make.

Ultra Cool Barstool

We love this new modern barstool from Nuevo. It's so sleek!
The seat is upholstered in Italian leather and the base is a solid steel. Very substantial and heavy. The seat runs a bit small in size. Shown here in black, it is also available in white and brown leather. The base is hydraulic, which means you can adjust the seat heigh.

The price is $475.

Modern Luxury Bathroom Designs (best of 2010) HD

What happened to our taste?

Okay, so we can't help wondering outloud, what the hell happened to our taste?  What is it that make MTV's Jersey Shore popular?  What is it that sells magazines that featured Gary Coleman's deathbed's picture?  Worse yet, CNN's poll shows that 85% of people think that it's OKAY for his ex-wife to sell those pictures!!!  Why, why, why we ask?

And did you know, the White House crasher made the cut to the Bravo's series Real Housewives of DC?

Here's an excerpt from the Bravo site:

"Michaele Salahi
This northern Virginia native and model is a big part of the inner workings of the D.C. life. She and husband Tareq together founded America�s Polo Cup, for which he is the U.S. team captain. Through her involvement in the Polo Cup, which has become one of the largest and most high profile polo events in the U.S., Michaele has met numerous political leaders across the globe. Additionally, the two are involved in running the Salahi family vineyard, Oasis Winery. Always on the move and juggling multiple projects at once, Michaele is heavily involved in charity work, including being an advocate and fundraising for MS and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. A family girl at heart, Michaele loves spending time at the family vineyard with her stable of horses and beloved dog Rio."
No mention of how tacky these people are and how many lawsuits they are involved with (check out the details here).

Beautiful Design for Kitchens

Cool and contemporary Kitchen 
Handle-free white units and stark white composite worktops create a stunning bright and airy look in this uber-modern kitchen-diner. Ice-blue splashbacks continue the sleek, crisp look, and a central island unit doubles as food preparation area and breakfast bar. 

Shaker-style walnut units Kitchen
For a big impact in a small kitchen, go for American walnut units with chunky handles to keep them feeling up to date. Curved worktops will add extra interest and soften feel, while modern floral curtains give the kitchen a contemporary touch. 

Modern cream kitchen
Contemporary and tradtional are blended in this streamlined kitchen by Creative Interiors. Original features like ornate plaster mouldings, grand doorways and curved walls have been incorporated in the design. The free-standing fridge/freezer matches the colour of the island worktop, giving the room contrast and depth. 

Yellow country kitchen
For variety, this warm, traditional country kitchen features a combination of natural wood cupboards and hand-painted units by Underwood Kitchens. The splashback tiles from Orlando Valvona match the Belling range cooker and the extractor fan is fitted within a decorative beam-like frame. 

Modern country kitchen
A white tongue and groove ceiling and matching cupboards create a modern cottage feel and reflect light beautifully in this open plan kitchen. The simple solid wood units can easily be repainted, giving a fresh look without shelling out for a whole new kitchen. Fawn walls are a flattering middle ground between white units and dark wood flooring. 

Striking kitchen diner
Monochrome is so well suited to a kitchen-diner, adding designer style to simple white units. Give the look a twist by papering the back wall with a bold floral pattern and fixing a clear acrylic splashback over it to keep it clean and dry

Rich walnut units
American black walnut units have been in laid with cool frosted glass fronts for a modern twist. Pale stone floor tiles and a metallic splashback keep the space feeling airy and bright, while stainless steel appliances bounce light around the room. 

Characterful kitchen
Rustic beams, traditional units and a belfast sink give this kitchen a period style that's full of character. Pretty china is displayed on open shelves, while a granite worktop is a practical additon. 

Modern mahogany kitchen
A large open-plan kitchen like this one is ideal for large families where the chef wants to keep an eye on the kids. The high-gloss bar stools look great with white kitchen units and black granite surfaces – it’s the perfect space for breakfasts. A simple colour palette helps create a seamless flow in the space, with mahogany-effect flooring throughout. 

Family kitchen-diner
Keep the family entertained in an open-plan kitchen like this one. A central island with a black granite worktop is ideal for cooking while entertaining, and a light-wood dining table is perfect for breakfasts as well as dinner parties. Shaker-style units and exposed beams complete the country-style look. 
Inn-style kitchen
Warm oak cabinetry is teamed with quaint period features in this small kitchen. The oak units work well with the exposed beams and country-style aga. Metal door handles and a sleek breakfast table and bar stools give it a modern edge. Country-style accessories complete the look.

Source: homesgardendesign

Beautiful Transparent Glass Coffee Table by Pierre Lescop

Casa Schierle, a Lovely Sustainable Home

Casa en el Bosque

Modern Kitchen Designs That Will Rock

Modern Living Large in a Small Apartment

For today we would like to show you a beautiful small apartment (61 sqare meters) located in Sweden. You are looking at a crib that is perfect for socializing but also for meditation in solitude. With wide and spacious interiors, this home looks very warm and inviting

interior kitchen Design

interior kitchen Design

This time, Giorgio is united with the Italian manufacturer Dada, adding to its aesthetics to a really unusual place � the kitchen � Bridge includes desktop, sink and extractor, space for hot and cold food and pantry

Room Design Trends 2010 For Kids

Room design trends 2010 For Kids: Sometimes it can be really hard to put yourself in kids’ shoes and come up with a design that is suited for the little ones, that will intrigue and captivate them. This amazing fairy bedroom does just that. It takes captivating fairytale themes and brings them to reality in a beautiful design meant to appeal to small children. And what an incredible room! An indoor tree with life-size leaves, birdhouses, lamps in the shape of flowers, mushrooms, a bean stock, they are all here creating a fantastic environment. Pink is the main color used and it goes great in combination with the other elements. Everything in this kids’ room is eye-catching and original: the shelves, the bed-stairs, the lockers. Have fun spotting them all and tell us what would you add or remove in order to decorate the perfect bedroom for kids?

Source: homesgardendesign

Luxury Facilities of Royal Bafokeng Sport Campus : England Base Camp for World Cup 2010

Luxury Facilities of Royal Bafokeng Sport Campus : England Base Camp for World Cup 2010
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Luxury Facilities of Royal Bafokeng Sport Campus located near Johannesburg, South Africa. This places choosen as base camp of England National Team Football for World Cup 2010 in Sourth Africa. The Bafokeng Sports Campus is a world-class, high-altitude, sports training destination near Rustenburg, South Africa, one of the country�s host cities for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.The 65-hectare campus comprises two hotels, a conference facility, numerous pitches and fields, a high performance gym and a medical centre.
Luxury Facilities of Royal Bafokeng Sport Campus : England Base Camp for World Cup 2010
Luxury Facilities of Royal Bafokeng Sport Campus : England Base Camp for World Cup 2010
Luxury Facilities of Royal Bafokeng Sport Campus : England Base Camp for World Cup 2010
Luxury Facilities of Royal Bafokeng Sport Campus : England Base Camp for World Cup 2010
Luxury Facilities of Royal Bafokeng Sport Campus : England Base Camp for World Cup 2010
Luxury Facilities of Royal Bafokeng Sport Campus : England Base Camp for World Cup 2010