Creating Your Own Destiny...

The LA Times has an article today on The Satorialist, a fashion blog. Although it has nothing to do with decorating, we thought you might want to check it out. The blog is about fashion, worn by real people on the street. It is full of great photographs of real people, occasionally accompanied by background stories.

What is most interesting to us, though, is how a unique yet simple concept-when done with passion- can be so successful. The blog founder started his blog in 2005, simply by taking pictures of people on the street who put clothes together creatively. It is now one of the most 50 popular blogs in the world. If you read the blog, you'll see how unbelievably simple it is.

We love stories like that! While everyday we hear about people being out of work, getting laid off, or mainly just surviving, here is a case that shows us that we can create our own destiny and make our path in life.

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